Quality Perlini original components

Perlini's strength comes from its highly refined original components, perfected through long experience and designed specifically for their purpose.
Built with care, and inspected by a quality control department that checks 100% of the parts, they guarantee great performance when climbing and descending, and they give Perlini unmatched control and flexibility on the shape of each vehicle.
Excepting engine, transmission and tires, all main truck components are Perlini original.

Oil wet brakes

Oil wet brakes

Rear suspensions

Rear suspensions



A truck made for Your work

For jobs with special requirements, Perlini can customize a truck appropriate to customer demands. The vast majority of trucks exiting Perlini factories are specialized, often very significantly.

Should a work require a body suitable for unconventional material or a truck capable of withstanding a challenging environment, usually a customized Perlini hauler can give customers what they can't get from any range vehicle.

DP 705 with rubber body and artic kit (Norway)

Rubber body, artic kit

DP 705 with mechanic tailgate, lowered body (New Caledonia)

Mechanic tailgate, lowered body
(New Caledonia)

Silobus for cement (China)

Silobus for cement

Low fuel consumption

Dumper Perlini
Perlini dump trucks are built with maximum effort toward fuel savings: they normally require over 10% less fuel than competitors in the same payload range, due to the quality of Perlini components and to the Perlini design with a low center of gravity, strong and long stroke suspensions and a long distance between the axles - also helping minimize gear changes.
Savings are not just in fuel: mechanical parts are under less stress, and consumable parts (tires, gaskets etc.) also usually last longer.

Operating costs simulation graph

Operating costs simulation showing the increasing incidence of fuel prices (in red) with the continuous raise in prices.

Fifty years of winning design

Perlini trucks are devised with a low distance between the axles and, thus, a lower center of gravity. The lower load is stabler, and the suspensions can use their full flexibility without spills. Furthermore, all involved parts are Perlini original components, carefully designed to work in harmony. This design conveys:

Approximate Perlini frame side section

Fast cycle speed

Perlini dump trucks are faster on hard tracks and easier to drive, thanks to the stability offered by the powerful patented oil pneumatic suspensions, and easier to control on descents with their very efficient braking system.
Perlini oil pneumatic suspensions have an unique design, with a large diameter and very long stroke, and they are more distant from each other, offering safer, more comfortable driving, lower stresses on mechanical components of the truck and lower fuel consumption.
Front oil pneumatic suspensions are built with a special fork design, obtaining a reduced offset and more constant stability.

Suspensions drawing

Perlini fork type suspensions (left) compared with standard suspensions.

Front suspensions

Perlini front suspensions

Brake efficiency and safety

Perlini offers maximum attention to security, starting with a powerful braking system.
  • Perlini multiple disk oil wet brakes offer powerful braking and retarding performance, with the additional safety of a very long operating life. Only Perlini tailors its brakes specifically to its trucks, ensuring maximum power, with their larger size.
  • Brake control is absolute, since the ABS and ASR system installed as standard equipment on all trucks are integrated with the truck CAN-bus control.
  • The powerful retarder included in the oil wet brakes is supported by an additional hydraulic retarder and by an engine brake, not subject to wear and available as standard or optional equipment depending on the vehicle.
  • Brakes and steering equip backup emergency systems that ensure functionality even in case of failure.
Oil wet brakes

Perlini DP 705 WD oil wet brakes

ABS sensor

ABS sensor interface for the CAN-bus system

External emergency stop button

Emergency stop button (optional)

Long operating life

Perlini original components are exceptionally durable, and they suffer less stress due to the soft movement and their larger size; Perlini original spare parts remain available for very long as well.
Moreover, in order to minimize downtimes, all main components subject to maintenance (such as, engine, differential, hydraulic pumps, suspensions and brakes) have been carefully designed and properly installed on the vehicle to be easy to access, for a high productivity with reduced operational costs.

Differential accessibility

Perlini dump truck differential can be easily detached from the rear

Elastic coupling

Engine and transmission are separated by an elastic coupling, and thus easier to access.