Roberto Perlini recieving the “Mercurio D’Oro” award – 1969

Perlini: 50 years of success

Today Perlini, 59 years after its foundation, one of the world’s most important companies in the field of off-road dump-trucks.
55 years from the production of its first dump-truck, Perlini has manufactured over 12.000 vehicles, distributing them on all five continents. Perlini dump-trucks are present in almost all the Middle and Far Eastern countries, in Africa, in Oceania, in South America and of course in the major part of the European States.

The beginning

In 1957 Roberto Perlini founded the “Officine Meccaniche Costruzioni Roberto Perlini”, which in a matter of a few years became one of the leading companies in the sector of industrial vehicle transformations. The first achievement of Perlini was the transformation with extension of the frame and the addition of a load bearing axle: the solution, which was new in Italy, was immediately received with strong approval by the road transportation sector, since this innovation allowed reduced transportation costs due to the increased loading capacity of the transformed vehicles.
Spurred by the growing impulse of the demand, the company gradually reached a position of pre-eminence among the factories of this type in Northern Italy, with an annual average of more than 1500 transformations; in the sixties, Perlini is the most important European company in this field.

Dump trucks and transformationsAt the beginning of the sixties, Perlini started working on two new fields: “Attrezzature” and Dump-trucks.
The “Perlini Attrezzature”: cylindrical, frustum-of-cone-shaped containers for loose materials, constructed in light aluminium alloy with a patented pneumatic pressure discharge (potential of about 1000 kg/min.) imposed themselves rapidly on the market, specializing the transport of loose materials and allowing, in the absence of packing, rapid discharge directly from the containers installed on the vehicles to the bins at destination.
In the years of major production, Perlini covered more than 50% of the whole Italian demand in this sector.

Dump-trucks to conquer the worldIn 1961 Perlini designed and constructed its first prototype for the production of heavy-duty Dump-trucks for off-highway use, making its first step towards entering the sector for the production of specialized vehicles for highly technical utilization.

The market, reserved till then exclusively for big American companies, immediately demonstrated high receptiveness towards this new Perlini product, so much that at the end of the sixties, it became the predominant element for the entire company.
In 1970 the thousandth vehicle was produced and a few years hence, a series of Perlini Dump-trucks were introduced to the China market, making the company the first occidental constructor to export trucks to that country. Nowadays more than 2600 Perlini Dump-trucks operate in China.
In 1973, the most modern European Dump-truck plant was born in the province of Vicenza at Gambellara: this up-to-date, rational and sophisticately-efficient equipped complex produced about three vehicles daily in those years, after a complete cycle of labour and testing.
The trucks shipped to the chinese market have been working some of the most notable projects undertaken with Perlini vehicles.

Firefighing vehiclesA brief consideration is apt for the special vehicles produced by Perlini, specially for the sector of frames for fire-fighting means. Winning an international contest proclaimed by the Italian Ministry of Transport in 1968, Perlini was adjudicated for the supply of the first B502 frames, which was followed by numerous other frames in different up-dated versions.

Until this day, the most admirable and efficient vehicles of the fire-fighting fleet used in all the Italian airports have been fitted onto Perlini frames. These means can move 32 tons at 105 km/h, they guarantee rapid acceleration (the kilometre run from a standstill departure is covered in less than one minute) and give an excellent take-off on slopes (surmountable gradient at loaded is equal to 50%).

Perlini InternationalAnother important date for Perlini is 1977, the year in which Perlini International was conceived and destined for the expansion of the worldwide prospects in the distribution of its Dump-trucks.
Perlini introduced the on-off vehicle: the 131-33 is the first quarry/mine dump-truck produced in Italy to be also capable of on-road movement, and in the eighties and nineties it was met with great favor by customers, making it the company’s best seller.
Towards the end of the eighties, Perlini also starts competing in sport events, such as the Dakar Rally; team Perlini’s four first placements in a row are, this far, the only victories of an Italian team in this category.

Perlini EquipmentCompanies must keep dynamic to stay competitive, and Perlini renovates to continue growing, as Perlini Equipment.

With the new partnerships involving Volvo CE and brazilian colossus Randon, Perlini aims to keep playing a central role in the developement of quality construction equipment.
In 2010, Perlini introduces the new articulated dump-truck DPT 70; using the DP405 design as its base, with two bodies, it’s capable of hauling nearly twice as much material on relatively flat slopes.
With constant improvements in technology and with the solid past designs as a resource, Perlini engineers are continuously at work on the dump-truck of the future.

Dumper Perlini on display in Spain – 1982

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