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If you need to hire a plumber to take care of a fault within your boiler, to have your pipes upgraded, or for an emergency (such as a burst water main), then the chances are that you’ll be expecting to fork over a bit of cash. Although plumbing agents are now cheaper than ever before they are by no means free to hire – and you will face an expense of some sort by employing the services of one.

How much should I spend on hiring plumbers?

This will usually depend on the type of task that you need to hire an expert for. Many will quote a specific amount of cash based on the specifications of the job, while others might charge by the hour. As you might imagine, this can become a lot more expensive if your provider needs to stay for quite a while to take care of your project.

If you’re ever in doubt you’ll be pleased to hear that most agencies will give you a rough estimate of the cost based on an outline of your project; and others will suggest visiting your property to ascertain exactly what it is that needs to be done. Once you know how much your project will cost, you’ll only have to go ahead with it if the price is right; and if not, you can try another agent.

Are there other factors that can affect the cost?

There are unfortunately, but these costs will only occur in the most extenuating of circumstances. For example, and if you ever find yourself facing an emergency, then you might end up needing to call out an emergency plumber to help you to regain control of the situation. Some will charge a flat fee for the callout, but others might propose costs based on the time that they are required, with the early hours of the morning often being a bit more expensive than during the day time.

In general, you should look to spend between $30 for a basic call out service and a couple of hundred for more extensive work. If you’re having an entire home fitted with water however, this amount can increase to a couple of thousand, but this will depend on what your agent quotes you and there are cheaper ones available out there (especially online).

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