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Electricity is a vital part of our lives, and it is also essential to the economy. It is a part of modern life, and it is hardly possible to imagine how life would be without it. Yet, as much as humans appreciate electricity and all it offers, most people hardly ever think about an electrician and their role in maintaining electrical power in buildings, businesses, and factories. To learn more about this, here are five jobs an electrician can perform.

Residential Jobs
A residential electrician or a home electrician is a popular position within the field. The professionals are known to repair and install the various electrical systems within homes, apartments, and condominiums. In addition, they are responsible for installing, maintaining, inspecting, and repairing the wiring, electrical system, and components.
Depending on their skill, the residential electrician can also lead teams of workers and even draw a plan for an electrical job. However, before handling any residential jobs, the electrician needs to train and licensed per the requirement of the state,

Commercial Jobs
A commercial electrician is a trained and licensed skilled worker specializing in installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in commercial buildings. Though they have similar duties as the residential electricians, commercial electricians mainly work in offices, malls, companies, government buildings, and high rises.
Commercial electricians can also design and plan an electrical system during new building construction. Their work includes making sure that they navigate the public safety concerns and local electrical jobs. A commercial electrician might also install electronic systems, electrical systems, and HVAC systems in an office.

Industrial Jobs
The responsibility of an industrial technician is installing, repairing, and troubleshooting electrical equipment within a factory, power plant, mines, and processing plant. These electricians know how to handle the large and complex machines found in various industries while also ensuring that the lighting and security systems are functional.
Depending on the industry they are working on, an industrial electrician can also deal with large-scale projects or even operate machinery and computer systems. Therefore, compared to the residential and commercial electricians, these experts need to undergo more intensive training.

Automotive Jobs
Electricians can also work on cars, trucks, bikes, and even boats. The duties of an automotive electrician are to install and maintain the many electrical systems found in a motor vehicle. They also ensure that the electrical system within the automotive operates safely.
But unlike other electrical jobs, working as an auto electrician might not need you to be a fully licensed electrician. But you will be required to learn about vehicle diagnostics, the drivetrain, and performance electricity. In addition, you will be required to install, maintain, and fix any wiring problems in cars.

Highway Jobs
Electricians also keep us safe on the road by ensuring that the streetlight, signage, and traffic management system are working as required. In addition, the highway electrician installs and maintains the street electrical equipment such as the traffic signals and the street lighting columns.
The electrician will need to be certified and licensed before working with the electronics for the road systems. Their main duty is to maintain a safe and sustainable transport system.

Electricians Will Handle All Your Electrical Work
If you are thinking of being an electrician, you need to familiarize yourself with the many electrical jobs available. That way, it will be easier to choose the electrical job that suits you the most. It does not matter the electrical job you choose; it is vital to meet the least qualification before working on an electrical project.
Do you have an electrical project that requires expert intervention? Hire a professional for any of the tasks above. Note that electricity can be dangerous, and you should never consider DIY electrical projects. Have the work handled by someone trained and skilled for a quality outcome.

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